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Guests have many questions about cruising. Listed below are many Q&A’s for you; plus several good bits of information to assist our guests.  We've tried to be complete, but please let us know right away if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for on this page.

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  • Special Announcement.

    Our cruise 2018 was an incredible success with 100 guests meeting and dancing with dancers from around the world.  Guests requested Tango at Sea continue offering outstanding itineraries for future cruises. For 2019, 79 dancers toured the Baltic Sea with overnight in Russia.  Our 2020  Mediterranean Sea and 2021 Dubai to Italy tour was cancelled due to C-19.  Now in 2023 we are sailing again; planning for Southern Caribbean tour January 2024 followed by a 16 day wonderful tour to 5 ports in Iceland with 3 in Scotland and we will sail out of Hamburg, Germany.  We are planning a cruise in February 2025 and high summer season 2025.  We hope our guests stay tuned and book early to secure your cabin location.

  • When should I book my Tango At Sea cruise?

    Please book early for a good cabin location.  Ships fill up from mid-ship out to forward and aft. Our tours are always very attractive and fill up quickly.

  • May I book with my own agent?

    No. Please book through Tango at Sea. This is a group event. If you book outside of Tango at Sea once you are on board, you will pay double the tango fare to join our tango group activities.  Your agent is encouraged to contact Tango at Sea to book on your behalf.  We pay commissions to agents. Agents have previously contacted us to book their clients.  

  • Are flights included in my cruise fares and when should I book my flight?

    Airfares are not included.  Tango at Sea suggests researching and booking your flights early to secure lowest possible pricing.  Allow an extra day in the deprture port to allow for some time to rest before boarding the ship.

  • Do I have any benefits as a previous cruiser?

    Your major benefit is joining our fabulous dancers from around the world for 7 to 15 nights/days or more of dancing.  If you have cruised several times with our current Cruise Lines we encourage you to join their sailing club.  You receive On-Board perks the more you sail.  

  • When do I receive cruise documents?

    Generally three weeks before sailing cruise boarding documents are available to print.  TAS will notify you when they are ready.  Boarding documents are sent to your email.  Print at least the "Bar Code" Page.

  • When may I board the ship?

    Boarding begins near 11am.  You must board 2-3 hours prior to sailing.  The cruise line needs time to prepare their manifest for the Port Authorities.  It is better to board early in the day so you can tour the many decks to become familiar with all important locations on board.

  • What are Passport and VISA requirements?

    Your passport must be in effect 6 months after the last day of the cruise you are booking.

    Check with your resident country’s consulate offices for your required VISAS for each country you will be traveling in.  You are responsible for getting your travel documents ready, including but not limited to passport, airline tickets and visas, for all the countries you will be visiting.

    World travelers - - As an example of our 2015 cruise; the Schengen Visa was required for Copenhagen, Le Havre, Vigo, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Malaga, Valencia and Savona.  A separate VISA was required for Dover and the UK.  If you do not have required VISAS you will not be allowed to board the vessel.  

  • Should I be concerned about Travel Insurance?

    Travel Insurance is required of all TAS guests.  Most European guests carry annual coverage for all travel needs.  When traveling without insurance, you travel at your own risk.

    Door to door Allianz Travel Insurance is offered by Tango at Sea.  This industry has changed within the past 3 years; it is now less costly to secure an Annual Travel Insurance Policy.  The maximum value has a $5,000 limit per each travel within the 12 month period of your annual policy. Cruise lines offer USA guests insurance, but this only covers what you pay for your cruise.

  • Why does TAS offer or suggest hotels prior to sailing?

    We recommend arriving one or two days prior to sail date to allow for jet lag; lost luggage, and to tour if one so desires.  If possible secure a Non-Stop flight to reduce lost luggage problems.  Tango at Sea will list a reliable hotel on Page Two of our webpage in each 2024 port.  You are welcome to search and secure your own hotel.

  • Departure Port data for 2024 cruises.

    Port: Hamburg, Germany
    Cruise Center Steinwerder
    Buchheisterstr 16
    20457 Hamburg, Germany
    011-49-4037 7090

    Port: La Romana
    Dominican Republic

  • What hotel and taxi service do I use upon arrival?

    Colonial Tours Taxi Service:

    TRANSFER (3 to 6 people)
    Punta Cana Airport -Hilton Garden Inn
    USD$30 pp per way

    Santo Domingo Airport -Hilton Garden Inn
    USD$25 pp per way

    Hilton Garden Inn, la Romana-La Romana Port
    USD$30 pp per way (Port tax included)


    TRANSFER (7 to 9 people)

    Punta Cana Airport -Hilton Garden Inn
    USD$25 pp per way

    Santo Domingo Airport -Hilton Garden Inn
    USD$17 pp per way

    Hilton Garden Inn, la Romana-La Romana Port
    USD$30 pp per way (Port tax included)



    Hilton Garden Inn
    La Romana, Dom Republic
    2 nights Pre sail date 1/12 and 1/13/2024
    1 night Post sail date 1/21/2024
    $130 per room + 28% vat/tax

  • When should I book cruise line tours?

    It is possible to book tours prior to sailing directly on the cruise line's webpage.  Generally cruise lines lock you out 14 days prior to sail date.  Once on board you may book tours.  Look for the Tour Desk and make note of their hours as they are not always open for business.

  • What are the special events held on TAS cruises?

    Our opening event is a Get Acquainted gathering to dispense information to ALL guests.  TAS events include Milongas, one or two cocktail parties, maybe a symposium; a discussion hour with all guests to discuss their tango lives; a seminar on tango musicality and/or history.  In 1999 we held a symposium for a dancer who was writing a tango book; Virginia Gift’s “Tango, A History of Obsession”.  In 2005 cruise we held a wedding on the beach at Cozumel!!!  We held a book signing in 2009; Luis Castro y Claudia Mendoza’s “Argentinean Tango: The Dance in Depth”, a handbook for the Argentinean tango dance; in 2018 Nito and Elba Garcia along with another Argentine Tango couple did an amazing performance for all of our guests. We may hold a book signing in the near future for my daughter’s soon to be published Romance Novels. Suggestions are most welcome.

  • What is the Milonga Schedule?

    We plan Milongas each evening for 2 hours.  We request dance space for 10pm- 12am.  Start times vary between 10-11pm. We try to plan afternoon Milongas for 2 hours as our Ports of Call hours allow; and on our At Sea days.  Other disco type lounges on board the ship may be available until 2am.

  • What is included in the TAS cruise price package?

    All of the scheduled Tango at Sea events (as outlined above) and of course your cabin, meals, port charges, taxes and fees, gratuities and all other activities on board the ship.  Tours and specialty drinks are extra.  There may be instructors join our cruise who might be available to teach privates.  Private classes are extra.   For our 2024 tours our DJ's will be available to teach private classes.  We will hold one, and maybe two, workshops on our At Sea days.  We hold a Cocktail Party for our guests and we hope everyone attends.  We also gather for a group photo and purchasing these is optional.

  • Director of Security on Cruise Lines

    If a guest chooses to be disruptive or disorderly on board the cruise the Director of Security will be happy to escort you off the ship at the next Port of Call wherein you will be responsible for your own return costs.

  • Please be advised:

    Due to past incidents with Tango at Sea guests on all 22 previous cruises; it is important to know these rules apply on the cruise by the ship’s Director of Security and will be implemented to the fullest extent if any of these rules have been violated.

    1.    Any person within the Tango at Sea group physically, mentally, and/or emotionally harms another guest; the cruise ship’s security will be notified immediately and asked for your immediate removal from the ship at the next port-of-call.  It will be 100% your responsibility to find your way home.

    2.    Any person within the Tango at Sea group steals ANY personal property, including money from another guest; the ship’s security will be notified for your immediate removal from the ship at the next port-of-call. Stealing is considered a crime aboard a cruise ship and therefore could result in legal charges.  It will be 100% your responsibility to find your way home, including all legal costs.

    3.    Any person within the Tango at Sea group disrespects a cruise ship staff member/ employee, and/or guest within the group and/or other guests throughout the duration of the cruise are grounds for immediate removal of that person at the next port-of-call.  It will be 100% your responsibility to find your way home.

    Important to know how things work on a cruise ship:

    1.    Any person within the Tango at Sea group arranges an excursion at any port-of-call that is not purchased through Cruise Lines, it is 100% your responsibility to be back on board in a timely manner so you don’t miss the ship when it sails. The cruise line makes NO EXCEPTIONS and will not wait for those who have not returned on time.  A cruise ship will be fined a hefty fee if it stays in port past its departure time.

    a.     The only exception a ship will wait is if you have booked your excursion through the cruise line, only then will a ship wait for its passengers.

    2.    If there is anything that is not working properly in your cabin you must call the front desk first to notify reception for their maintenance team to fix the problem.  If the issue is not taken care of in a timely manner, then notify Diana Jensen as soon as possible.

    If you order room service and your order is not correct and/or missing something ordered, you call room service with your complaint; inform Diana Jensen if you lacked service.  This gives the cruise employees the opportunity to fix the issue for you.  Issues may arise when there are only 1,100 employees and 3,000 guests to serve on board the Pacifica; and 1,250 employees and 3,900 plus guests on board the Favolosa.  Please keep that in mind when something doesn’t go exactly 100% right.

  • What are the average temperatures for the January 2024 port cities?

          City                                    High / Low Temps                            

    • La Romana              84° F              71° F
    • St. Lucia                   82° F               77° F
    • Barbados                  86° F              79° F
    • Guadeloupe              80° F              77° F
    • Antigua                     75° F               53° F
    • Tortola                       84° F              69° F
  • What are the average temperatures for June 2024 port cities?

         City                                 High / Low Temps

    • Hamburg, Germany                      66° F              50° F
    • Newhaven Edinburgh, Scotland   55° F               41° F
    • Newhaven Edinburgh, Scotland    55° F               41° F
    • Seyòisfjöròur, Iceland                    59° F               48° F
    • Akureyri, Iceland                            55° F               50° F
    • Isafjord, Iceland                             48° F              44° F
    • Grundafjord, Iceland                      53° F               44° F
    • Reykjavik, Iceland                          55° F               51° F
    • Reykjavik, Iceland                          55° F               51° F
    • Kirkwall, Scotland                          58° F               55° F
    • Invergordon, Scotland                    55° F               45° F
  • What should I wear to the Captain's Party?

    The Captain’s Cocktail Parties are formal. If male guests have and/or enjoy wearing tuxedos this is the time to wear a tux!!  Otherwise a suit coat/tie is appropriate.  Please be advised that on a 10 night sailing there are two formal events; Welcome Gala; Captain’s Gala or Farewell Gala.

What they're saying about us...

The other evening, and while in front of the fire with 30 cm of snow outside, Ron mentioned to me that for him, Tango at Sea is having “a long pleasurable echo” reverberate through his being. 

Else Marie
Saskatchewan, Canada
October 2012

I just want to thank you again for the most awesome time we had with you in October 2012 and all those fabulous people we met, it was the best Holiday we have ever had.  We have started saving to do another cruise with you in the future so please keep us informed about what is happening. Thanks so much.
Lots of love.  

Alda Handel
South Africa
2012. 2018, 2019