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Dance Hosts

Dance Hosts!!! Yes!! Of course!!

We want our lady dancers to have happy feet. Check out the backgrounds of our Hosts. Tango at Sea wants to see you on board to enjoy the fun!!


Dance Host

A piano technician by profession, Steve Brady has studied music theory and music history at the University of Washington. He has authored two books, A Piano Technician's Guide to Field Repairs, in 1999, and Under the Lid: The Art and Craft of the Concert Piano Technician in 2008. An avid pianist and tanguero, Steve is the pianist for Seattle Tango Jam ensemble, and he has danced tango around the globe, including Ackland, Milan, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, and, of course, Buenos Aires. He began as a DJ in Aspen, Colorado, and now regularly serves as DJ in Seattle at Milonga China Harbor, Milonga Cachirulo, Bohemian Rhapsody Milonga, La Milonga at Club Sur, and Century Ballroom, as well as the Milongas in Bellingham and Port Townsend.

Tango at Sea is pleased to bring Steve on board as our DJ for our Caribbean tour beginning on February 25, 2018 for 11 nights of great Traditional Tango Tunes.  Come and join the fun with us....


Dance Host

After thirty plus years as a Fire Captain with the Philadelphia Fire Department, I realized it was time to hang up my boots and lace up my dance shoes.   I started an active dance life eleven years ago with Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing, and six years ago, I discover Argentine Tango.  My sister Lori, who was an experienced Tango dancer, suggested it try a Milonga. The prior dance experience helped in some ways, but I soon realized the Tango was a whole new world for me. We travel around to all the local Philadelphia Milongas as a Brother/Sister team, and we attended many workshops together. With a varied dance background, the next step in my dance career was to become a Dance Host.  Stardust Dance Productions was looking for a few good men so I sign on six years ago.   Stardust holds four dance weekends every year, plus a cruise or two every year.  In June of 2010 I was invited to sail with Tango AT Sea’s Alaska Cruise as a Dance Host. It was a phenomenal experience!

Diana’s organizational skills made it the most wonderful dance cruise ever. She even arranged on shore Milongas in Juno and Skagway Alaska.  The professional instructors she invited were some of the best in the world.  I am thrilled to be invited as a Host for the 2012 Mediterranean Cruise, and I’m looking forward to dancing with the ladies who love dancing Tango as I do.  Ted was an outstanding Dance Host on our recent cruise.


Dance Host

Francesco "El Actor" was born in Italy and now resides in Switzerland.

I have been a tango protagonist for 17 years of my life; providing tango music for dancers throughout Europe and various countries. Tango at Sea invited El Actor to be our DJ the night before sailing in October 2012 in Varazze, Italy.  El Actor provides great traditional tango music and is also a great dancer giving the tango dance experience one that women will remember for a long time.  We are happy to invite El Actor to join our all tango dance cruise in October 2017.  He is listed here to provide additional photos for your review.

This is how Massimo di Marco, the tango writer, describes me: Francesco Tagliabue, well known in tango circles, puts the tanda together in a harmonious way, bringing together tangos from the same root but which cannot be confused with each other-this is why it's such a pleasure to listen to him. The music is imbued with a "porteno" tone which inspires the imagination and induces the couple to intense interpretations. Female tango dancers appreciate his sensitivity and this is why he is in such demand at Milongas internationally.

For my complete story: http://francescoelactor.com/english


Dance Host

I love Argentine Tango so much that I dance nothing else but Argentine Tango, it is my specialty and passion. My love for Argentine Tango started when I was listening to Bahia Blanca by Carlos Di Sarli. The music drew me in. It touches and moves my soul and then my body.

To me Argentine Tango is a life long journey and I feel like I have just taken "My First Step' of a "Thousand Mile Journey."  So far it has been fun filled, exciting and rewarding.  It has taken me from my very first Tango Lesson where I was very clumsy, awkward and shy, up to performing on stage for audiences of up to several hundred people in clubs, schools and on a cruise ship.

My first Milonga was in Buenos Aires in 2007. It was an exciting, nerve-shattering, fun and challenging event for me. But, it really helped my Tango. I continue to improve every element of my Tango by taking lessons everywhere, and by practicing my lessons at home, studios and going to milongas. I dance to please my partner and to make it as safe, fun and exciting as I can for her. I "custom design" my choreography to suit my partner's style, abilities and expressions while maintaining a close awareness of the inspiring music and the floor movement.

I enjoy playing squash, tennis, paddle tennis and working out, and currently reside in Northern California where there is a large Argentine Tango community which continues to grow every day.

Our Med Sea cruise was Oz’s 6th tour with Tango at Sea and the ladies were pleased with his dancing talent.


Dance Host

Larry grew up in North Dakota and earned multiple behavioral science degrees.  Throughout his work life he held concurrent careers in the health field, in the military as an All-Source Intel Tech working in the strategic intel field, and as an Adjunct Professor teaching management and psychology courses and evaluating adult learners.


His dancing started as a teenage demonstrator with an Arthur Murray dance instructor, igniting his life-long passion for ballroom dancing.  When he retired he launched into West Coast Swing, and then Argentine Tango.  He trains and dances continuously, and serves as a dance host on cruise ships.  An unexpected highlight was winning first place with a Night Club Two Step routine in a Queen Elizabeth ship dance contest.


He revels in the beauty and magic of couple dancing, making every dance a creative event.  When not dancing he sails, skis, travels and is an active officer and boat crewman in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Larry resides in Sausalito, California.


What they're saying about us...

I was excited to join Tango at Sea as Argentine Tango is so important to me.  The journey to arrive was an adventure traveling on the Italian Rails.  What a wonderful experience to dance on an 11 night cruise; I will have cherished memories for a life time.  The Mediterranean Sea cruise in 2011 was ten times more fun than one could imagine.  Thank you Diana!!


Cruising and Tango - what a great combination! The opportunity to enjoy lessons from Agentine Masters during the day, and dance in a Milonga each evening. Plenty of food on board and picturesque sightseeing in a variety of ports. All organized by Diana Jensen, so you can enjoy yourself 24 hours a day and not worry about arrangements! While Diana could not control the weather on our cruise in October 2005, she made the vacation as comfortable as possible. And the teachers were superb!

Robert M. Greenburg
Reston, VA