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Dance Hosts

Dance Hosts!!! Yes!! Of course!!

We want our lady dancers to have happy feet. TANGO AT SEA INC wants to see you on board to enjoy the fun!!  We encourage ladies to invite male dancers to book to give TANGO AT SEA INC a good gender balance.  Thank you ladies for seeking male dance partners.


Dance Host

Francesco "El Actor" was born in Italy and now resides in Switzerland.

I have been a tango protagonist for 20 years of my life; providing tango music for dancers throughout Europe and various countries. Tango at Sea invited El Actor to be our DJ the night before sailing in October 2012 in Varazze, Italy.  El Actor provides great traditional tango music and is also a great dancer giving the tango dance experience one that women will remember for a long time.  El Actor joined Tango at Sea in 2016 and again in February 2018.  We will enjoy his music again on our next two cruises; stay tuned.  He is listed here as he will also serve as a special dancer for our women and to provide additional photos for your review.

This is how Massimo di Marco, the tango writer, describes me: Francesco Tagliabue, well known in tango circles, puts the tanda together in a harmonious way, bringing together tangos from the same root but which cannot be confused with each other-this is why it's such a pleasure to listen to him. The music is imbued with a "porteno" tone which inspires the imagination and induces the couple to intense interpretations. Female tango dancers appreciate his sensitivity and this is why he is in such demand at Milongas internationally.
YouTube Videos of Francesco in action: (Copy/Paste to browser line)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBsyygJWp00

For my complete story: http://francescoelactor.com/english


Dance Host


In Argentine Tango in Europe and Argentina, Andrea is known as “el Popul Castello” with over 15 years of experience as a Disc Jockey having played at some of the great salons in Europe and Argentina.  His Masters and Professional references include Felix Picherna, Mario Orlando and Damian Boggio.

His style starts from a thorough knowledge of classical orchestras and singers of the golden era of Argentine Tango and musical selections come from these two basic elements: the best music “to dance” and the management of the “energy” of the night.

Every night is different and the experience accumulated over the years allows me to adapt to the environment (Tango Alternative, Cortinas of danceable music, theme selection).  My personal artistic journey makes me comfortable to “present” events and to “acting” during the evening as needed.

At Festivals in Europe I have given my course in Musicalizador: History and Peculiarity of Classical and Contemporary Orchestras and Singers; Management of Milongas Playlist; Secrets and “tricks” of the Best DJs.

I have danced tango since 1998 and have taught since 2002 and am the director in collaboration with Veronica Lorenzoni of the “Puro Tango” School, one of the most structured and dynamic academies of Argentine Tango in Northern Italy and am active in the area of Imola, Bologna and Ravenna, Italy.

Francesco “El Actor” recommended Andrea to Tango at Sea and we so welcome Andrea and we look forward to great cruises with great dancing for all our world-wide guests.  Andrea will be happy to provide private instruction.
Here is a link with Andrea dancing with his partner; plus a link of "el Popul Castello" in action playing tango music and singing in Italy 2019; ENJOY!!!

“El Lloron” Guilia Vis y el Popul Castello

“Paciencia” Tango Pichuco on Bandoneon y el Popul Castello

Read more about Andrea at https://www.tangopopular.com/populcastello


Dance Host

Greetings to everyone.
I thank Diana for having selected me as a dance host guest.
Needless to say, how long I dance tango because I don't even remember it.
I am an Italian Man and I drank milk from my Italian Mother.
Therefore all the love received in my childhood I give it back in the embrace of the tango.
I can assure you that my way of dancing is quiet.
I don't know why dancers always smile at the end of each tanda.
One day I will find it out.
I invite you to spend an unforgettable cruise with us.
You certainly won't regret it.
I send to each of you a solid and affectionate hug.


What they're saying about us...

Ciaoooooooo…..  Hello cruise dancers. 
I send you my personal greeting to thank you for your fantastic company.  It is not easy to spend a long time together and remain so happy and with a great desire to have fun.  The positive energy that was in the Milongas was intense.  We also danced three times a day, thanks to the organization of Diana and Donetta who worked well with the ship's managers. 

As a DJ I found the staff a bit impossible but when they saw the importance of our group and with Diana's requests, they gave us support and made it easier for me and Andrea Gasperini. 

Together, Andrea and I; managed to give you unforgettable moments dancing and our heart was filled with happiness for this. I hope to see you again on the next cruises to have these sensations again. 

Be our partner to encourage your friends to participate in future editions.  We will become so important cruise lines will have to build a ship with Argentine Tango rooms!

These thank yous are the minimum I owe you.  A big hug to everyone!!
Francesco "El Actor" Tagliabue