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Dubai to Italy
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Dubai to Italy

March 13, 2021 to April 4, 2021

Costa Cruise Lines Diadema sails from Dubai on a 23 day - 22 night sailing to incredible ports of call through the Suez Canal ending in Savona, Italy.  Be the first guests to board this Specialty and Re-Positioning Cruise.  We are pleased to announce our instructor couple Judy and Jon who will teach workshops along with our DJ Andrea; and they will also be available for private classes. Our guests will have an option to perform in 1 - 2 - or 3 shows that we will prepare while we sail the Suez Canal.  Our DJ's are Francesco "El Actor" Tagliabue and Andrea "el Popul Castello" Gasperini - need I say more; our previous guests in Germany can tell you more; they are incredible.  Review Dance Host page for more details and to view video links.  On Oct 9th Costa lengthened this tour and changed our port call lineup.  Our FAQ tab has important data for you to review.  Our tour takes us from Dubai to Khor Fakkan, overnight in Muscat, Oman; Aqaba (Petra), Hafia, Israel; Crete, Athens, Naples, Rome ending in Savona, Italy.  There is the option to disembark in Naples, Italy for those who want the 21 day tour; pricing remains the same.  Cabins will disappear so be sure to book by end of December 2019 to secure your cabin. 

The Masters Judy and Jon
Francesco Tagliabue - DJ "El Actor"
Andrea - DJ - el popul Castello
Ship www.CostaCruiseLines.om Costa Diadema

Hotel data will be supplied at a later date.

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Daily Itinerary

  Day Itinerary
03/13 Day 1 Dubai
03/14 Day 2 Dubai 12:00 Noon
03/15 Day 3 Fujairah, Khor, Fakkan 9am 6pm
03/16 Day 4 Muscat, Oman 10am
03/17 Day 5 Muscat, Oman 6pm
03/18 Day 6 Navigation
03/19 Day 7 Salalah, Oman 9am 6pm
03/20 Day 8 Navigation
03/21 Day 9 Navigation
03/22 Day 10 Navigation
03/23 Day 11 Navigation
03/24 Day 12 Navigation
03/25 Day 13 Aqaba (Petra) 8am 10pm
03/26 Day 14 Navigation
03/27 Day 15 Navigation
03/28 Day 16 Haifa, Israel 6am 10pm
03/29 Day 17 Navigation
03/30 Day 18 Heraklion, Crete 7am 4pm
03/31 Day 19 Athens, Greece 8am 5pm
04/01 Day 20 Navigation
04/02 Day 21 Napoli, Italy 8am 6pm
04/03 Day 22 Civitavecchia/Rome, Italy 8am 6pm
04/04 Day 23 Savona, Italy 8am


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