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Nito & Elba Garcia

Elba was born in Junin, Buenos Aires.

Nito was born in Bragado, Buenos Aires.They´re partners both in life as well as in tango.

Nito was brought up in Avellaneda (in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires). He´s a "milonguero" dancer who won fifteen dancing contests from 1955 to 1965.

In 1966 he dances with Osvaldo Pugliese in the tango comedy "Cielo de Barrilete" at the Marconi Theatre and the "Dardo Rojo". He also takes part in the tango Festival at La Falda, Córdoba.

Performances in Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil follow that.

In 1976 he welcomes the dancers of Bianco´s Orchestra, Tango Color, directed by Pintos.

In 1984 he performs in Mar del Plata, in local channels, theatres, Channnel 2 and domestic shows.

In 1991 they are hired as teachers and dancers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, U.S.A.

In 1992, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

In 1993, Mexico, D.F., San Francisco,Los Angeles, Sacramento and New York.

In November 1995, tour to San Francisco, Sacramento and New York.

In 1996 they take part in the Etnic Dance Festival and they are hired by Solo Tango for a television festival.

In 1997, they act in the Tango Show, together with Ruben Juarez and María José Demare, who is a singer and actress.After that they start a training tour: Atlanta, Cincinatti, Pensylvannia, New Jersey, Boulder, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

In England they perform at the Welsh Center in London,Las Estrellas Cafetín Prteño, The Loughborough Hotel, El Once Tango, Central Club, Great Russel Hotel of Tottenham Street, Ginette´s Tango, The Danzant, Southbank House Black, Prince Road.

1998. In March they perform and train new dancers in Atlanta, they take part in the Costa Victoria Crusier: "Tango on the Sea" and also in Pensilvanya, Washington, Chicago, New York, Austin, Boulder,Denver and Boston.
They were invited to dance in Forever Tango Company at Broadway, New York.

In July they Participate in the Nora´s Tango Week, Stanford University, Portland. Then in Vancouver, Canada and finally in Chicago an d New York. They also receive the "Personaje de la Ciudad" Award in

1999. In January they perform and give lessons in Dallas, San Francisco, New York, where they perform at the Tango Festival´99,then Tucson, Los Angeles and again New York.

March 2000 congreso "Cosmotango" 

March: NY - Tango Fest 

May - June - July - August: Boston, St. Louis, Dallas, Cleveland, Seattle, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles

In July they visited San Francisco , the Nora´s Tango Week.

Nnovember 2nd tango week in London, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and 3rd tango cruise of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas.

2001:  Buenos Aires (Cosmotango), Tokio, Bolonia, Barcelona, in USA Boston, Santa Barbara, New York, Seattle, Los Ángeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Hawaii & Las Vegas.

2002: Buenos Aires (Cosmotango), Tokio, Bologna, Barcelona, in USA Boston, Santa Barbara, New York, Seattle, Los Ángeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Hawaii & Las Vegas.

2003: January, February and March, San Francisco, Chicago, Sacramento, Vancouver (Canadá), Las Vegas, Dallas, F. Lyon (Francia) and Buenos Aires Cosmotango 2003.
April, May, June and July, Washington, Sttutgart Festival (Alemania), Moscú, Jerusalén, Tel Aviv, New Cork, Los Angeles, Calgary, Vancouver and San Francisco - Festival Nora´s Tango Week.
August, September and October, Vermont Festival, Las Vegas Festival, Dallas, Santa Bárbara, Chicago, New Cork, Orlando, Mexico DF and Cruice.

2004: January, San Diego Festival. March, Buenos Aires Cosmotango 2004. And April, May, June and July, San Francisco, Santa Bárbara, Dallas, New York, Missouri San Louis Feria Mundial and San Francisco - Festival Nora´s Tango Week.

2005. They were invited to dance with Master Mariano Mores at Mar del Plata City. International San Diego Festival. Cosmotango (Bs As). New York - Boston - Santa Babara - Dallas - San Antonio - Los Angeles (USA) and Dusseldorf Festival (Germany). San Fransisco Festival - Vermont - Tucson. Festival de Moscow (Russia) - Cagliari - Bologna - Reggio - Emilia (Italy). Nevada Festival - Caribean Cruisse Ship Festival

2006: New York (USA) - Cosmotango (Buenos Aires - Argenitna) - Nora´s Tango Week Festival - Ciches Festival(Barcelona) - New York - Las Vegas Festival - Santa Barbara - Tucson - Dallas - Los Angeles - Costa Mesa Festival - Fandango de Tango Festival (Austin, Texas) - They are dancing at La Esquina de Carlos Gardel until June.

2007: New York (USA) - Cosmotango (Buenos Aires - Argenitna) - San Francisco Festival (USA) - San Francisco - Tucson - Dallas - Santa Barbara - Los Angeles - Chicago - Moscow Festival - Yaroslav Festival - New York - San Francisco - Las Vegas - Fandango de Tango Festival (Austin, Texas) - Special guests of La Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango House (Argentina)


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