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5 Iceland- 2 Scotland- 1 UK - Sail From Hamburg

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5 Iceland- 2 Scotland- 1 UK - Sail From Hamburg

June 8-23, 2024

Hold On To Your Hat!!!!
4 or 5 Workshops ~~ 15 Milongas

We sail from Hamburg, Germany for 15 nights to incredible ports.  We are overnight in So Queensferry, UK next to Edinburgh, Scotland, and again in Reykjavik, Iceland.  We enjoy 5 Ports in Iceland; 2 Ports in Scotland and one in the UK; and visit Hamburg Pre/Post our sail date. Click on "learn more" to view our Day by Day and Hour by Hour cruise tour.

We have 4 days Cruising for workshops and afternoon tango dancing.  We have two wonderful Tango DJ's on board. 

Andrea sailed with us in 2019 to St. Petersburg, Russia as our Tango DJ and again to the So Caribbean in January 2024; we are thrilled to have him join us for our 24th Tango at Sea cruise. 

Edgardo is from Buenos Aires and is traveling with one of our guests and he will assist with a few milongas as our DJ.  We are excited to have Edgardo join this cruise.

Private lessons will be available to our guests from Andrea and Edgardo.

The Masters DJ el Popul Castello - Andrea from Italy
Ship CostaCruises.com Costa Favolosa

Hotel data for Hamburg, Germany will be posted when we have all of it gathered for your review.  Thank you for your patience.

Daily Itinerary

  Day Itinerary
06/08 Day 1 Hamburg, Germany 8PM
06/09 Day 2 Cruising at Sea
06/10 Day 3 So. Queensferry, United Kingdom 7AM Overnight
06/11 Day 4 So. Queensferry, United Kingdom 3PM
06/12 Day 5 Cruising at Sea
06/13 Day 6 Seyòisfjöròur, Iceland 9AM 7PM
06/14 Day 7 Akureyri, Iceland 9AM 8PM
06/15 Day 8 Isafjord, Iceland 9AM 9PM
06/16 Day 9 Grundafjord, Iceland 8AM 10PM
06/17 Day 10 Reykjavik, Iceland 7AM Overnight
06/18 Day 11 Reykjavik, Iceland 6PM
06/19 Day 12 Cruising at Sea
06/20 Day 13 Lerwick, Scotland 1PM 9PM
06/21 Day 14 Invergordon, Scotland 9AM 7PM
06/22 Day 15 Cruising at Sea
06/23 Day 16 Hamburg, Germany 8AM


We want to see you on board!!   Click on the link "English" below to receive the Booking Form.  Cabin price breakdowns are listed on Page Two.  Tango at Sea needs all of your data outlined on Page One.  We want to welcome you on board!!!
       Diana Jensen

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