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We are certain that you have many questions regarding your cruise. We've tried to be comprehensive, but please let us know right away if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for on this page.

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  • May I book with my own agent?

    No.  This is a group event.  You must book through Tango at Sea.  Once on board you will be charged extra if booked outside Tango at Sea.  Your agent is encouraged to contact Tango at Sea personally to book on your behalf.  I pay your agent a large commission.  Many agents have previously contacted us.

  • When should I book my Tango At Sea cruise?

    Book early for a good  cabin location.  Ships fill up from mid-ship out to forward and aft.

  • Are flights included in my cruise fares?

    Airfares are not included.  Tango at Sea suggests researching and booking your flights early to secure lowest possible pricing.

  • When should I book my flight?

    Early is always best to secure a good price. Costa Cruise Lines offers flights that include transfers airport to port, probably on Sail Dates only; this is a new policy change effective for 2012 cruises.

  • Why does Tango At Sea offer hotels?

    We recommend arriving at least one day prior to sailing when flying great distances to allow for jet lag or lost luggage during your flight.  If you are flying domestically it is recommended to secure a Non-Stop flight to help reduce lost luggage problems.

  • Do I have any benefits as a previous Costa cruiser?

    If you cruised on Costa previously you should provide your Costa Club number to Tango at Sea when booking.  Sailings have special benefits for members.

  • When do I receive cruise documents?

    Generally 3-4 weeks before sailing cruise boarding documents are sent via email.

  • When may I board the ship?

    Generally boarding begins at noon; in some cases 11am.  You must board one hour prior to sailing.  The cruise line needs one hour to prepare their manifest for the Port Authorities.

  • What is the cost of transfers?

    Costa Cruise Lines changed their transfer policy beginning with 2012 sailings.  Transfers are only available when purchasing Costa’s flight/transfer package.  For guests who arrive in Genoa Airport (GOA) we found a taxi driver who is a tango dancer.  He will arrange transfers to the following locations; and for an approximate cost, please ask Tango at Sea.  Pick-up arrangements will be made close to flight dates of each guest.

    • GOA to Bristol Palace Hotel, Genoa, for 2 to 4 guests,

    • GOA to Savona Darsena Hotel or to the Port of Savona, for 4 or 5 or 7 guests,

    • GOA to Eden Hotel in Varazze, Italy, for 4 or 5 or 7 guests, and

    • GOA to Milan, Italy to Malpensa Airport, for 4 or 5 or 7 guests.

    For guests arriving in Genoa who plan to stay at Eden Hotel in Varazze, Italy, we also have a great taxi driver in Varazze who assists with transfers from the Eden Hotel to the Port of Savona; also for the return trips back to the Eden Hotel and/or to the Genoa Airport.  His rates are approximate and subject to increase in 2012 as follows:

    • Eden Hotel to Port of Savona, 15 Euros per person 

    • Port of Savona to Eden Hotel, 15 Euros per person

    • Port of Savona to Genoa Airport, 70 Euros per taxi, up to 4 persons

    • Port of Savona to Genoa Airport, 180 Euros per van, up to 8 persons

    • Eden Hotel to Genoa Airport, 60 Euros per taxi, up to 4 person; 180 Euros for 8 persons

    • Varazze Train Station to Eden Hotel is about 6 Euros

  • How do we get from the airport to the port and return to the airport?

    For flights into Genoa Airport (GOA), our Genoa taxi service connection will arrange transport for guests who reserve a room at the Savona Darsena Hotel wherein you will be able to walk from the hotel to the ship; and vis versa.  The walk is about the full length of the cruise ship.  

    If guests stay in Bristol Palace Hotel in Genoa, transfer arrangements can be made for guest pick-up around 11am for transport to Port of Savona, about a 40 minute ride.  For guests staying at the Eden Hotel, Pre or Post, transfer costs are about 15 Euros per person, per trip.  Tango at Sea makes these two transfer arrangements.

  • Below you will find helpful train information in Italy.

    www.RailEurope.com — Rail Europe, Chicago, IL phone # 800-438-7245 or 800-622-8600

    Cost from Varazze to Savona via train for touring was 2,10 Euros in September 2011.

    At Railway Centrale in Milan there are 21 train tracks.  Be sure to show the ticket agent the exact city you are traveling to.  Ask questions before boarding the train to make sure you are at the right track.  We want our guests to travel in the correct direction.

    Train schedule and directions from Nice, France Cote d’Azur Airport to Varazze, Italy.

    Airport to Nice Train Station is about 20 minutes by bus or taxi. Bus 99 takes you to the train entrance.

    Trains leave several times a day; following is a typical schedule for your review.

    Nice, France train #86035 departs for Ventimiglia, Italy at 1:53pm, cost is 13 Euros

    Train arrives at Ventimiglia, Italy at 2:42pm

    Ventimiglia, Italy train # 2297 departs for Varazze, Italy at 3:54pm, cost is 13 Euros

    Train arrives Varazze, Italy at 6:11pm

    There is an earlier train departs 1:23pm to212pm, but you will wait 1.5 hours in Ventimiglia

  • How do we get to/from the port in Savona, Italy?

    Guests at Eden Hotel will have transfers arranged by Tango at Sea. Massimo at Radio Taxi Varazze, provides this service for our guests. Cost is 15 Euros to and 15 Euros from Port back to the Eden Hotel, plus tips. We generally depart hotel/port at 10am. We return at end of cruise around 9:30am.

    Arrangements are made based on guest’s flight arrivals, dates and times by Tango at Sea.

  • Hotel data in Varazze, Italy.

    The Eden Hotel has 30 rooms, nice dance floor area, comfortable bar area; wonderful staff, reasonable rates, and is nestled in the peaceful area on the Italian Liguria.  Marco speaks English and is very kind.   Taxi from Varazze train station to hotel is about 6 Euros.  Single rate is 60 Euros with double occupancy at 125 Euros, breakfast included.  We hold a Milonga the night before sailing.  Many guests book several days Pre and Post at this hotel.  If guests want we dance the night we return from the sailing.

    The Coccodrillo Hotel is located at the train station, a 4-5 block walk, down the stairs and up the stairs at the station, up a slight hill, an easy walk.   Breakfast included in rates.  Coccodrillo provides transfers to/from Port of Savona; cost about 20 Euros per trip.  Guests staying here in 2009 were unhappy and wished they had stayed at Eden Hotel.

  • Hotel data in Savona, Italy

    The 4 Star Mare Hotel (66 rooms); the 3 Star Miro Hotel (40 rooms) are next to the Ligurian Sea. Group taxi arrangements can be made for travel to the port.  Estimated cost 10-13 Euros hotel to port.  The Mare Hotel is next to the largest hotel in Savona.

    Tango at Sea is reserving rooms at the Savona Darsena Hotel which is located next to the Port of Savona; you can walk to the ship.  Double or single occupancy rates are 130 Euros per night.

  • Hotel data in Genoa, Italy.

    Tango at Sea is reserving rooms at the Bristol Palace Hotel in a lovely location in Genoa. Pre & Post rate is 139 Euros per night.  This hotel location is close to existing Milongas. Our Genoa taxi driver is a tango dancer. He will arrange transport to the local Milongas; fares are unknown but best guess would be 7 Euros.

  • What is the typical workshop structure?

    We hold workshops when we are “At Sea”.  When we are in a Port of Call, we want our guests to enjoy those cities and/or the cruise line tours and/or the tours guests create upon arrival.  Guests sometimes go in small groups to enjoy the cities.

  • How many workshops do you offer on a cruise?

    Generally we request 2 lounges for 10 or 11 workshops in each lounge scheduled at the same 1.5 hour. Dancers must select their level of instruction in a more beginning level to the more advanced level of instruction. Usually there are 6-7 workshops in Tango; 3 in Vals; and 3 in Milonga offered for each level. We also hold 3-4 seminar type discussion events wherein we discuss topics related to tango, the music, the history, or some special topic that is important to the guests within a sailing.

  • What are your workshop guidelines?

    Please be on time. Please allow our instructors to give instruction and be prepared to learn from their great experience and talent. Carry your Tango at Seas schedule with you; also the ship’s daily schedule. You want to be prepared with all the information you need for your day versus running to your cabin needlessly.

  • How is workshop instruction organized?

    Each instructor couple has their own style of teaching a workshop. As a student, please remember they are teaching a group. Please note that instructors interacting and/or dancing with a student may be inappropriate. Please allow the instructor to make such choices. Instructors may only teach for 1.25 hour and allow you time to practice what you have just tried to learn.

  • What topics are taught in the workshops?

    In the daily schedule the topic listed will be Tango, Vals or Milonga. If it is appropriate to have a Men’s/Woman’s Technique class they will be listed by title. This allows an instructor to teach the appropriate needs of that particular group of dancers.

  • What is included in the TAS cruise price package?

    All of the scheduled Tango at Sea events and of course your cabin, meals, port charges, taxes and fees, gratuities and all other activities on board the ship.  Tours and specialty drinks are extra.

  • When should I book cruise line tours?

    It is possible to book tours prior to sailing directly on the cruise line's webpage. Generally cruise lines lock you out 14 days prior to sail date. Once on board you can book tours. Check out the Tour Desk hours as they are not always open for business.

  • May I take private classes with the cruise instructors?

    Yes, guests arrange times with the instructor(s) of their choice. Classes can be taught at any location on board where space is available. Some scheduled times are listed on the schedule. Once you board, seek out possible locations for a private class.

  • What should I wear to the Captain's Party?

    The Captain’s Cocktail Party(ies) are formal. If male guests have and/or enjoy wearing tuxedos this would be the time to enjoy your tux!! Otherwise a suit coat/tie is appropriate. Please be advised that on an 11 night sailing there are three events; Welcome Gala; Captain’s Gala, and Farewell Gala.

  • May I ask an instructor to dance with me?

    Instructors are paid to instruct and perform in the show. If they desire to dance with a guest, they will ask you themselves. If a male guest wants to dance with a female instructor they should feel free to ask. Most of our instructors will on occasion ask our guests to dance.

  • What are the special events held on TAS cruises?

    Initially, our opening event is a mandatory 1-2 hour Get Acquainted gathering and meeting to dispense information.  Tango at Seas events include Workshops, Milongas, one or two cocktail parties, a professional show in the ship’s theater; maybe a symposium; a discussion hour with all instructors to ask questions about their tango lives.  In 2005 cruise we held a wedding on the beach at Cozumel!!!  In 1999 we held a symposium for a dancer who was writing a tango book.  This book is now published.  We held a book signing in 2009.  Suggestions are most welcome.

  • What is the Milonga schedule?

    We plan for a Milonga each evening. We request 10pm to 1 or 2am nightly. Start times vary between 10pm to 10:30pm. Other dance lounges on board the ship may be available until 2am.

  • What are the average temperatures for the Western Mediterranean cruise?
    Savona, Italy 
    Barcelona, Spain 
    Casablanca, Morocco
    Canary Islands
    Madeira, Funchal
    Malaga, Spain
    Rome, Italy
    68-57 F
    72-65 F
    73-66 F
    75-69 F
    73-68 F
    74-66 F
    72-50 F


What they're saying about us...

"Tango has been a long journey for me and remembering the cruise was when I was most happy, especially dancing tango. Remembering the instructors and their dance instructions -- gaining confidence in oneself and the love of the dance from one's heart. That's where I've found my inner strength. I hope to be on the cruise in 2008."


I'd like to thank you for doing everything for us on the Tango and Swing cruise. It's really not easy to arrange every detail, but you did a very good job. It was a wonderful and unforgettable journey. I had a good time. I enjoyed very much our instructors. They are very professional and friendly too, they are truly masters; the performance was so impressive, fantastic and delightful. Thank you for sharing Tango at Sea’s previous show with me; it's very nice of you. Suddenly, I can dance incredibly so well. Of course Mr. OZ is an excellent lead partner. With his good lead I can dance better now. Anyway it’ll be a long remembered moment, I won't forget it. At last, I have to tell you that you are such an elegant, intelligent, enthusiastic, thoughtful and capable lady. I'm so glad I had this opportunity to cruise with you and to get to know you. Thanks to OZ and to you again.

Grace Tsao
Taipei, Taiwan, China