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Diana Jensen

Tango at Sea Cruise Director

I have been a ballroom dancer since my teen years and American Tango was always my favorite. In 1995, Bob Moretti brought Argentine Tango instructor, Nora Dinzelbacher, to Chico, CA for a series of workshops which lasted several months. Bob and I lived in Chico at the time and we took every opportunity to practice to improve our skills. After private lessons with Nora and the late Nestor Ray, then with El Indio, Oscar Mandagaran and Nito & Elba Garcia in San Francisco, Sacramento and New York, my Tango skills grew quickly. Other instructors who have had an impact on my love of Tango are the late Orlando Paiva, Sr. and Carlos Gavito, and more recently Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo, Carlos & Maria Rivarola, Luis Castro & Claudia Mendoza, Oscar Mandagaran, Natalia Hills, Jorge Torres, Daniel Rodriguez and Valeria Carmel.

In January 1996, a terrific tango dancer and a professional skier, Mark Wolford, lit the spark within me with the idea to cruise the world with Tango instructors and dancers. Mark and I shared this idea for over 18 months. In 1997 our dream came true as we prepared to embark on our first Tango at Sea cruise to the Western Caribbean in March 1998. Initially, Nora Dinzelbacher and Nito & Elba Garcia were our headliners along with other Argentine and USA instructors.

Tango dancers from across the world are invited to join our cruises. We have had guests from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Shanghai, India, South Africa, Russia, Israel, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Estonia, Romania, Canada, Columbia, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

We have since cruised to Eastern Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, twice to Alaska, twice out of Venice, Italy to ports in the Adriatic Sea, then back to the Western Caribbean. In January 2009 we toured to the Panama Canal and Costa Rica.  In October of 2009 we took dancers to three continents sailing out of Savona, Italy with stops in Italy, Sicily, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey and on to Santorini and Katakolon/Olympia, Greece. In 2010, we cruised again to the Mexican Riviera and Alaska's stunning Inside Passage. 2011 took us on a Caribbean Argentine Tango and Swing cruise organized along with Norway's Kom og Dans. In September 2011, we returned to the Mediterranean sailing from Savona, Italy on the Ancient World cruise tour.  Our tour in October 2012 sailing again from Savona, Italy to Barcelona, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco; Madiera, Funchal; Malaga, Spain; with the last stop in Civitavecchia/Rome, Italy then on to the Port of Savona was a thrilling cruise experience for our very International roster of guests.  We have planned an outrageous and exciting 2013 "ON LAND" 5 day Tango Festival in Barcelona prior to sailing on our 8 night cruise on Costa's Favolosa.  In Barcelona we will have 2 days of Touring with a 3 day Tango Festival with 5 Argentine Tango Professionals.  Tango Festival details are available on our website

Visit our web site often as plans to future adventures in cruising, and on land, tangoing, and fun times will be announced.  Also, please take a moment to look at the group photos from past cruises in our galleries.  Many questions are answered on our FAQ page.

Carlos Cesar Giana

DJ, Barcelona

I was born into a family of music lovers. At 13, I directed my first tango program on FM 96 in Necochea, a province of Buenos Aires. From there I directed tango and folklore programs on several radio stations which were well-received by the National Radio thanks to the good gesture of Lionel Godoy, one of the main drivers of Tango from Argentina. After a few years I moved to Spain and continued the activity related to urban music. In Barcelona I started taking tango lessons and developed the idea of The Carmine Mailbox (El Buzón Carmín) Tango program on the Internet for the dissemination of tango music and dance artists. At the same time, I participated in festivals like Buenos Aires - Gardel - Barcelona where Gardel's films Tango Bar and The Day You Love Me were projected in an important commercial center of Barcelona, The English Court (El Corte Inglés). At the same time I developed my work as a Disc Jockey (musicalizator) in major tango Milongas in Barcelona and Catalonia. Currently I'm in charge of music programming for the brand new Internet radio The Mirror of Your Eyes (El Espejo de tus Ojos) and I have been invited to participate in the Toronto Tango Experience tango festival which brings together the best experts from around the world (USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Argentina). Clearly, for me, the Tango is not only music or dance, it’s a way of life.

Tango at Sea is pleased to invite Carlos as our in-house DJ.  In October 2012 we sailed from Savona on a wonderful 11 night cruise.  For 2013 we will hold two events; Tango at Sea's first "On Land" Tango Festival in the beautiful city of Barcelona followed by an 8 night cruise.  Diana and Carlos look forward to having you on board.


"We had just come on board our 2001 Alaska cruise, in our 4th hour, ready to start our first gathering of guests. An instructor who was hesitant to book this event pulled on my skirt and with a special glow of excitement said to me, "Diana, if I knew how much fun this cruise would be, I would have told the whole world."

Diana Jensen